1. Kiss that cute boy at the party, but push him away as soon as he puts his hand up your skirt
2. Smoke a cigarette for the first time, and make it your last
3. Don’t straighten your hair for a week, see how many compliments you get
4. Blast your favourite song even when your mum has told you off for playing it too loudly. Enjoy those 3 minutes of pure happiness before she pulls the plug out.
5. Say yes to going out, you’ll have something to tell your grandchildren about
6. Paint a sun on a rainy day, then stick it to the window
7. Eat the cupcake, you have better things to worry about than those 300 calories
8. Do yoga and meditate as often as possible
9. Stand up for yourself. Someone called you a slut? Someone said you are ugly? Someone said your art work was boring and dull? That is your cue to fucking stand up for yourself and make them speechless
10. Don’t respond to a group of males whistling at you. You’re a human being, not a fucking dog
11. Leave your headphones at home, see how much you are missing out on because you’re always lost in your own thoughts
12. Carry hand sanitizer and bandaids in your purse
13. Wear sexy underwear, loads of leather, a fur coat, heels and purple lipstick. Do it for yourself, not for the hot guy next door.
14. If you’re having a bad day, cry, scream, punch a pillow, throw stuff around. Then you pick up the mess, including yourself and get back up.
15. Smile, be polite and get on peoples good sides for starters
16. Stop waiting for your crush, stop dressing up for the bar man that serves you a free drink or staying extra hours at work for your boss. Stop impressing these dickheads and start impressing yourself.
17. Laugh until you cry, and when the girl sitting next to you in class tells you to shut up, laugh even louder.
18. Do whatever feels right in the moment, laugh, cringe and regret it later. Repeat.

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it pisses me off how writing doesn’t get people money unless they’re like jk rowling like writing books should be one of the highest paying jobs in the world that shit is hard

i bet that open heart surgeries are harder

Open heart surgeries can be taught. You can’t teach a person a world that no one else has created.

you won this time. 




ideal hogwarts students:

  • aromantic wizards being absolutely immune to amortentia, it only smelling like the ingredients put into it when they smell it, and teaching other students how to identify the stuff on any food or drink
  • gender confused ravenclaw leafing through glossarys of pronouns and accidentally getting 80% of the class to stay up leafing through similar glossarys, screaming out pronouns in the common room when they think they found one that may fit
  • slytherin students sometimes taking polyjuice potion to pose as one of their depressed members who was having a bad day and really couldn’t bring themselves to classes
  • kids who read about the second great wizarding war and, when reading about Severus Snape’s brave acts, argue “well yeah ok but he was kind of an asshole still?”

—Wizard broomchairs instead of wheelchairs. No need to worry about stairs when you’re floating, right? Just say “up” to it like you would with a broomstick and it hovers a comfortable 7 inches from the ground, though it can be raised and lowered depending on the wizard’s preference/mood.

—No one giving Wizards with ADD/learning/organizational disabilities any guff about the rememberalls they carry on hand. 

—Aspie and autistic Wizards with dazzling proficiency in more mysterious and complex branches of magic like Wandlore and wandmaking.

—The books in Hogwart’s library reacting to dyslexic students trying to read them and helping them: breaking up paragraphs, highlighting words, sometimes reading themselves aloud if the student is having a particularly difficult time or has eyesight problems.

—Professors enchanting gloves to use sign language next to them as they teach for deaf and hard-of-hearing students.

—Neville Longbottom instigating a schoolwide program to foster better communication between students and teachers and better regulation of how house points are handed out, and the general effort toward a less stressful learning environment, referred to lovingly by students as ‘Deebass,” from the joking acronym, “Don’t Be A Snape”


I used to think about James and Lily going absolutely mad shut up in Godric’s Hollow, but as I’m writing this long fic, it’s occurred to me that these two would never sit idly and let themselves rot for two years.

They kept busy.

After the shock of being pregnant and of their lives as they know it being turned upside down wore off, they sit down and brainstorm ways they can still help the Order. They invite Dumbledore over for tea and they more or less ambush him, insisting that though they can’t use their wands in battle they can still be of use to the Order, presenting their list of possibilities.

Lily becomes the Order’s potion mistress: their kitchen becomes hijacked with potions supplies, four or five cauldrons simmering at any given time, people stopping by to pick up and drop off various orders, a long ledger of supplies spell-o-taped to the wall, figuring out the Order’s long and short term needs based on various missions, working very closely with their resident healer-the one who will deliver Harry, actually, because they can’t go to Mungo’s for half their injuries-and deciding what’s available and what their healing needs are, Dumbledore asking Lily if she could invent this or that potion, Lily rifling through her old potions books and asking Dumbledore to find this specific books, Lily going out under the cloak to track down  a specific type of weed that only grows in one place. James cringing because there are animal parts in the ice box, again, but he shoves them aside and grabs another butterbeer. Lily gagging at smells that never bothered her before; plodding on anyway because at least she’s doing something.

James becoming the logistics manager/strategic manager for missions: their kitchen table barely visible under layers of maps, keeping mental track of where all the Order members are at any given time, working out patrol and surveillance schedules for various members, knowing what everyone’s code words are for their various missions, listing out parchment’s with everyone’s strengths and weaknesses and figuring how best to utilize those strengths. Vanishing ring after ring of coffee stain mugs on them because he spends all-night planning sessions with Moody and Dumbledore.

Opening their home, even in hiding, to the Order’s needs. Offering their spare room, at least until Harry comes, and their couch after he’s born, as a safe haven for people to rest in between missions, always having a casserole in the fridge for someone who may stop by for a quick meal in between missions, serving as a safe place for injured members to recuperate.

  • 2008: wow I was so stupid last year
  • 2009: wow I was so stupid last year
  • 2010: wow I was so stupid last year
  • 2011: wow I was so stupid last year
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  • 2013: wow I was so stupid last year
  • to be continued
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